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Pacific Grace Mandarin Church began the Sunday Worship in February 1, 1998. By Gods grace, HE has led us through all the difficulties. We also appreciate that God let us have a group brothers and sisters in Christ who are willing to serve, and God blessed each and every one of us.

Looking back to the past, we thank God for our daily supply. Thanks to brothers and sisters in Christ for their offering and prayers for the church. We believe that depending on Gods grace, Pacific Grace Mandarin Church will become a church that can let people find Gospel and Love. We have gone through different experiences each year. However, all these are testimony of Gods leadership.

The following is a look back at the past experience:


Pacific Grace Mandarin Church initially was formed from Port Moody Pacific Grace MB Church (Cantonese church), by a group of Mandarin (Chinese National Language) speaking brothers and sisters in Christ, in the year of 1997. Where the Fellowship meeting was conducted in Mandarin


We started the Sunday Worship Service in Mandarin at the associate hall in Port Moody Pacific Grace MB Church. This is the year that we launched out our history.

Initially slightly more than ten people attended the service. This gradually increased to more than 30 by the end of the year. At the same time, we started our adult Sunday School Class. The pastor in charge is Pastor Leo Chia.


We had moved to the main hall for Sunday Worship in that year due to the gradual increase in the number of people in the congregation. The number in our congregation has reached to more than 70 by the end of the year. In this year, we also started the Childrens Sunday school.


Pacific Grace Mandarin Church became a church of a administrative and financial independence in July of the year. Starting from April 2000, our worship service time had changed to 8:45am every Sunday.


By 2001, there was not enough room to accommodate our congregation in Port Moody Pacific Grace MB Church. By the next year, God prepared a place for us, in which we can rent the gymnastic hall of Westridge Primary School at Burnaby for our new Meeting place. By Gods grace, we have also gained a step of confidence. During this year, Pastor Leo Chia became the Reverence of the MB Church, he was also appointed to be the lead pastor in the Pacific Grace Mandarin Church.


Beginning from January 6, 2002. We moved to the Westridge Primary School to continue our Worship Service and to carry on our Sunday school activities. The meeting time was scheduled at 10:00am. At the same time, the mobile library was set up to let brothers and sisters in Christ borrow books.

On October 25, we had started a new Cell Group (Manna Group). The Youth Group also began to grow up. The Church administration had also functioned well. Over the last 5 years, there were 53 brothers and sisters in Christ who accepted baptism, in which 8 of them were baptized in this year.


God prepared a new worship service location for us to use in North Burnaby, B.C. The plan was to use it in the beginning of April of 2004.

Brothers and sisters in Christ who live in Maple Ridge and Port Coquitlam, attended the Sunday Worship Service regularly, regardless of the distance every Sunday. They needed spiritual support and served in church. We felt grateful to all of them. In that year, we appreciated that God had given rise to two new cell groups for us. The two Cell Groups were Noahs Ark Group and New Life Group. There were 27 brothers and sisters in Christ who accepted baptism in this year.


We bought a new church building located in Burnaby in January 5, 2004. March 28 was our last Sunday Worship Service at Westridge Primary School.

After 3 months of renovation and repairs, the new church building and the premises were ready for use in April 4, 2004. We held the Church Offering Ceremony on May 16. The number in our congregation began to increase gradually. Therefore, we decided to increase our worship service to two sessions in order to accommodate all the people in our congregation. The arrangement was scheduled as follow: first session (8:15am), and second session (11:15am). We possess 6 Cell Groups and 4 Family Bible Study Groups distributed over the Cities of Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam and Maple Ridge. There were 21 brothers and sisters in Christ, who accepted baptism this year, and we had set up the Childrens Worship Service also.


Pacific Grace Mandarin Church has been able to expand its ministry work since moving to the current address back in the year 2004.During the year, through Gods grace, the gospel we shared had been bearing fruit, This year, 30 brothers and sisters in Christ among us believed and accepted Jesus Christ, 10 of them were baptized and 9 Christians transferred membership to our church. This year, we started our first disciple-training course. We also planned to launch the AWANA childrens ministry during our fellowship. After the election on 16 October, 2005, through 98.4% acceptance votes, the Deacon Board accepted Tim Wang, Paul Fang, Helen Yung, Jen Sun, Emma Hsu, and May Chang to be our deacon members in 2006.


We started to launch our AWANA activities during fellowship for the first time on 17 March 2006.During March, we launched our Saturday Gospel Training Course four times. Towards the end of June, our evangelistic team, together with the South Vancouver Pacific Grace MB Church team, went to Prince George Town to assist in the ministry of the local churches among Mandarin speaking groups.

In the year of 2006, God touched the heart of a brother in Christ, and he used his company space in Port Coquitlam as a meeting place for fellowship. British Columbian Conference of Mennonite Brethren Churches agreed to support the establishment of our new branch starting 2007.

In August and September, we started to train our members to be familiarized in various departments, and started bible study classes in the new branch. Finally, we started our first worship service at the new venue, which is in Port Coquitlam, on 1 October, 2006. Maple Ridge Community Church was willing to rent their church hall for our worship service. Therefore, with effect from January 7, 2007, we established our Pacific Grace Mandarin Church (Maple Ridge) branch in the Maple Ridge District. 

The worship service is scheduled at 2:30pm, and Sunday School is at 4:00pm. We hold other group meetings in Port Coquitlam at 115-1750 Coast Meridian Road. The deacon board accepted Tim Wong, Paul Fang, Helen Yung, Jen Sun, Emma Hsu, May Chang, Carly Wong and Yuqing Wang as Pacific Grace Mandarin Church deacon members for the year 2007


We have started our new Maple Ridge branch worship service at Port Coquitlam since October, 2006,then the worship service was shifted to Maple Ridge Community Church in January 2007, and the number in the congregation has increased approximately by 40 to 50 people. 

During this time, the congregation endured several trials without any staff in charge, brothers and sisters in Christ took up the responsibility of taking care of the new branch, Therefore, it was arranged for Pastor Lily Yung to take charge of the ministry work in the new branch, Thus, the ministry work made positive progress and improvement. 

On 25 and 26 August, 2007 we had an Evangelism joint fellowship with the Chinese Mennonite Brethren Churches in Greater Vancouver and MB Chinese Herald, held at the Broadway Church . On 26 August, 2007 we had a joint Sunday Mandarin Worship Service with the Greater Vancouver Chinese MB Churches, held at the Michael J. Fox Theatre. 

The Deacon Board accepted Tim Wong Helen Yung, Jen Sun, Emma Hsu, Mike Feng, Carly Wong, and Yuqing Wang as the deacon members in 2008.


Give thanks to the Lord, His grace is sufficient. He not only leads brothers and sisters to follow Him, He also keeps Pacific Grace Mandarin Church running smoothly in all aspects This is the second year since the establishment of the Maple Ridge Branch It is the year in which God continues to lead the Maple Ridge Branch, and reenergize our spiritual life.

During this year, God revitalized a lot of families and members in Maple Ridge Branch and established the branch organization structure; setting the foundation for future expansion and stability. 

1. Setting up the Prayer Meeting.
2. Setting up the Childrens Sunday School.
3. Establishing the rotating method of leading the Bible Studies Class.
4. Setting up departments of various Ministries.
5. Increase the participation of more youth.
6. Encourage involvement of core families. 

Deacon Board accepted Yuqing Wang, Mike Feng, Joseph Hu, Jen Sun, Emma Hsu and Carly Wang as 2009 deacon members. 

In the year 2008, in addition to AiXing Fellowship, PanWang QingNian Fellowship and XiLe Fellowship in PGMC (Burnaby) and Fangzhou Fellowship and WenXing Fellowship in PGMC (Maple Ridge), we established a SheQing Fellowship in Burnaby and a Bible Studies Group in Surrey for the families who are in spiritual need. We also launched a JieMei Group in PGMC (Burnaby) which meets once a month.

(translated by jimmy)

Pacific Grace Mandarin Church (Burnaby/Maple Ridge)